Get a tattoo: step-by-step instructions

  1. Read the poem. Decide which phrase you want as a tattoo.
  2. Hover over your chosen phrase to see how many others have downloaded it. The fewer people it has tempted, the higher the frequency of the appearance of your tattoo in the video. Hedge your bets.
  3. Download your tattoo design and print it out.
  4. Take the printed design to your tattoo artist. You can get your tattoo anywhere on your body, any size, any color. You can remove a few of the suns, circles, and dots if you wish to. The suns, along with the font used for the lettering, will identify your tattoo as part of Love Letter To the World.
  5. Wait for your tattoo to heal.
  6. Take a super fun horizontal or square photograph of your tattoo. Make sure that the image is sharp and that the text is legible. (Please use the best-quality camera you have available to you, whether it's on your phone or otherwise.)
  7. Upload your best photograph (at the highest possible resolution) to the website. To upload your photograph, find your phrase in the poem and click on it. Next, hit the "Submit a Photo" button. Once you are on the new page, upload your photograph and answer a few questions (these are optional, though we do hope that you will choose to respond. Once we have enough photographs uploaded, the participants. responses will enable viewers to customize the video every time they play it).
  8. Upload even more fun photographs of your tattoo.

Note: Kurt and Kremena might crop some of the images for legibility. Send them a message if you have any questions.

Bonus: Send Kurt and Kremena the story of your chosen word(s), along with the image you uploaded—so that you can be featured on the blog! Check the blog regularly for updates.

Other ways to participate

Become a sponsor of the artwork

If you love this artwork and want to see it become even better, send Kurt and Kremena a private message. They would love to talk with you. There are, of course, benefits involved.

Be an ambassador

Help us grow our global community by becoming an ambassador for Love Letter To the World! There are many ways to spread the word—through social media, local hang-outs (coffee houses, hair salons, tattoo parlors, and the like), and good old face-to-face chat. Send Kurt and Kremena an email so that they can prepare you for this task.